Table Mountain Hike

Cape Town and Table Mountain (Muki venture), this is a perfect symbiosis. The 1086 m high mountain in the middle of the city is the undisputed landmark of the place and is one of the 7 natural wonders of the earth.

The mountain is known for its „Tablecloth“, the tablecloth of clouds that covers the plateau when the infamous South Easter wind blows. When Tablecloth is clear of clouds, you can approach its heights in a variety of ways – by panoramic cable car or via one of the various 1-3 hour hiking trails.

The cable car has been in operation since 1929, is always up to date and has already transported 22 million visitors to the mountain plateau. Tickets for the cable car are best bought online in advance, so you save the queuing. It takes an impressive ten minutes to reach the plateau. Hikers should dress for the weather and start in a group. There are many hiking trails, for example from Camps Bay, Kirstenbosch or from the city center.

Table Mountain is the flagship of the larger Table Mountain National Park. Purple lizards, plush dassies (small relatives of elephants) and mongooses inhabit the magnificent floral displays on the mountain. More than 2,000 plant species are found here, many of them endemic. The larger park stretches from Signal Hill north to the Cape of Good Hope and includes the penguin colony of Boulders Beach.

Table Mountain is undeniably an adventurer’s paradise: you can hike, climb, and even rappel down its steep faces. Even though Table Mountain looks peaceful, you should always be prepared for a sudden change in weather. Plenty of water and warm clothes are a must. It is best to join a guided hiking tour with experienced guides – this way the hike up Table Mountain will be an unforgettable experience!

The best view of the 12 Apostles is from the road between Clifton and Camps Bay. From the parking lot there, you have a wonderful view of the entire mountain range and can count the individual hilltops. If you make the effort, you will quickly realize that counting the 12 Apostles is not easy, because there is partly a smooth transition between individual elevations.

According to the official count, however, there should be 18 hilltops, so the name 12 Apostles is not correct. The names of the mountains are as follows: Blinkwater Peak, Porcupine, Jubilee Barrier, Valken, Kasteel, Postern, Wood, Spring, Slangolie, Corridor, Grootkop, Separation, Victoria, Grove, Llandudno Peak, Llandudno Corner, Hout Bay Corner.

The view from the top down to Cape Town is indescribably beautiful. After leaving the cable car, you can enjoy the view of the city center with Signal Hill and the districts on the Atlantic coast. In some distance Robben Island can be seen. If you turn a few meters to the west, you can see the beaches of Camps Bay and Clifton. Only now do most visitors realize the beauty with which this city is blessed. Lots of photos are taken.

Most vacationers concentrate on the immediate area around the cable car during their short stay. It can get a bit crowded during the high season.

Foto @Pexels.com_Arthur Brognoli

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